Pelican Room



Sitting in the Pelican Chair is like receiving a big hug from someone you love. A feeling which is easily recognised in the hotel as a whole.

The organic shapes of the Pelican Chair are also found in several of the room's remaining furniture. Though often subtle and in the details. Among the furniture, are the The Reading chairs, placed by the Nyhavn Desk. This chair is designed to be equally comfortable whether you choose to sit facing the front or the back. The design is well thought out and finished with a special back-piece which you can use as an arm rest when reading a book.

The room is additionally furnished with a queen size bed with a customised headboard, luggage bench and wardrobe. All hotel bathrooms are light and fully renovated with wooden floors.


In no other design of his is Finn Juhl’s fascination for surrealism more apparent than in the Pelican Chair. Out of all of his many designs, the Pelican Chair was probably the one furthest ahead of its time. When it was presented at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild Exhibition in 1940, it stood out with its unusual shape and sturdy legs.

Finn Juhl normally named his furniture numbers after the year in which they were designed, but over time the nickname "Pelican" stuck to the chair. Very few were manufactured and the chair was almost forgotten until we rediscovered and relaunched the chair in 2001.

The characteristic soft and organic shape is almost like a body holding a body. When you sit down, the chair practically gives you a friendly hug. Like many of Finn Juhl’s later designs, the chair offers several comfortable ways to sit.


The small town of Hakuba, located in a valley surrounded by the Japanese alps, houses a lodge, that has now been transformed into a beautiful Danish/ Japanese design hotel.

Everywhere the hotel exudes a sense of downplayed elegance - from the soft bedlinen and organic toiletries to the cosy lighting.



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  • Ski-storage & drying room

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