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Located just three hours from Tokyo, in the northern part of the Japanese alps you will find Hakuba. A place famous for offering some of the best ski experiences in all of Asia.



In 1998 during the Winter Olympics the area hosted a range of disciplines such as downhill, ski jump and cross country. Furthermore, Hakuba is well-known for its exquisite powder snow and slopes suited to every level of skier. The lift system is effective and you will rarely experience lines or long wait times. During winter season the area gets 9 centimeters of snow a day on average.


An All Hakuba Mountain Lift Pass, will grant you unlimited access to all lifts and slopes in the area.




Hakuba houses a lot of restaurants as well as a vibrant nightlife. Most places offer menus in English, as Hakuba is a favored destination for Australians who travel here in order to ski. A wide range of restaurants can be found on the slopes as well.



Hakuba is famous for more than just being the ideal skiing destination, it is also well-renowned for the hot springs located in the area, called “Onsen” in Japanese. Hakuba is home to more than 200 hot springs, a large proportion of which are found in public bathhouses in walking distance of the hotel.

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